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HMRRI: Maxie App
Name: Maxamillion (Maxie) Fuller
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 155 lbs
Island: Nomie
Occupation: Big Nerd Inventor
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Heart Loves:
Bullet; Red Pancakes
Bullet; Red Inventing/tinkering with stuff
Bullet; Red Lizards
Bullet; Red People who have faith in his inventions

Thumbs Up Likes:
Bullet; Green Cheesy Kung Fu movies, Shounen anime/manga
Bullet; Green Coffee
Bullet; Green Windy, stormy weather
Bullet; Green Frogs
Bullet; Green Free stuff/Trash
Bullet; Green Cryptids
Bullet; Green Baked goods

Thumbs Down Dislikes:
Bullet; Blue Summer/Warm weather
Bullet; Blue Any animal with fur on it
Bullet; Blue Folding laundry
Bullet; Blue Seafood
Bullet; Blue Small talk

Skull and Crossbones Hates:
Bullet; Black When people make fun of his inventions
Bullet; Black Cats
Bullet; Black The ocean

Appearance: Tall and skinny. When he is out of the house, he pretty much always wears his dark blue trenchcoat. When he's inside, he usually just hangs around in a comfy t-shirt and sweats, or big sweaters on colder days. His hair is naturally a pale blonde color, but he bleaches it practically white because he's a nerd and he thinks it makes him look like a cool anime protagonist. He's usually too lazy to actually go get his hair cut so it's really long and messy and hangs in his eyes. It's gotten even longer since he first moved here, so he keeps the top part pulled back in a ponytail most of the time. Maxie also has a mole on the left side of his jaw and a noticeable gap between his front teeth.

Background: Maxie's parents got together in rather unusal circumstances. His mother was a highly esteemed doctor and his father a stuntman in movies. The two met when in the hospital, his mother treating his father for a work-related injury. The two were drawn to eachother by pure infatuation, and a secret fling led to the accidental conception of a child. Despite the risk it posed to her career, the mother couldn't bring herself to abort the child, so she lied to cover up the pregnancy. However, neither was fit to raise a child, so the the father roped his brother who ran a used electronics shop into raising the child while the two paid for everything. Shortly after Maxie was born, his mother disappeared from the picture, leaving Maxie's father and uncle responsible for his care. As a result, Maxie has never met his mother, but his father would occasionally visit and write to him when he could.

With his uncle working in the shop and his rarely-present parents, Maxie didn't really have much companionship growing up. As a result, he is VERY socially awkward. However, he never really minded it as he quickly took to tinkering with all the old junk in the basement. With a little help from his uncle, Maxie became quite talented at building and fixing things.

    As he grew into his teen years, his uncle hired him full time at the shop as his main repairman. Maxie was very talented at his job, however he didn't care much for it. Instead he wished to be an inventor, creating wild new things that the world has never seen before. His uncle often found him slacking off from his duties and instead working on his own strange contraptions, many of which had little practical use. His uncle often scolded him for this and told him time and time again that his inventions were worthless and that he should focus on a more realistic career. This did quite a number on Maxie's self esteem over the years, and as a result he hates when people mock him or his inventions.
    When Maxie finally turned 18, he left his uncle's shop and began hopping around from place to place in hopes of finding a good place to market his inventions. In this time he worked all kinds of odd jobs trying to make ends meet. Eventually, he settled down on Nomie Island and set up shop in the little shack he now calls home.

Personality: At first, Maxie may seem quiet and even a bit standoffish. However he isn't trying to be mean or unfriendly, he simply doesn't see any meaning in making small talk or casual conversation. He would much rather be working than having a pointless conversation. However, he loves talking about things he's interested in. Start a conversation with him about his inventions and you'll be lucky if he ever shuts up. He is also very resourceful and can find a use for just about anything. Maxie is very genuine and says things like they are and is never one to sugarcoat things. This can be a blessing and a curse. However if he says something rude, it is never with malicious intent. Once you get past his somewhat cold exterior, Maxie is actually a pretty big sweetheart. He's never really minded not having friends in the past, but that doesn't stop him from being very appreciative of those he has. He really values having people around who he can have fun and be himself with. When Maxie isn't working on an invention, he's probably watching an old kung fu movie or re-watching Naruto for the billionth time (what a nerd)

Relationships: Maxie can be a little tough to befriend at first. Just don't even think about trying to approach him with any kind of small talk. Talk to him about his interests instead. He'll take to you much faster this way. Maxie doesn't know much when it comes to relationships, so romancing this fine young nerd might be a little awkward. Your best bet is to try to befriend him first, as he would never date someone he couldnt have fun and be himself with. If he develops a crush on you he may not realize it at first, but when he does, you'll know because he becomes a total awkward flustered mess. It's ok, he'll figure out how to handle himself around you... eventually. But once you get past all that, he's a very sweet, in-your-pocket kind of guy who just wants to make his partner happy. It doesn't really make a difference whether you're a guy or a gal, if he likes you, he likes you.

Where to Find Him: On sunny days, he can usually be found tinkering with his inventions behind the counter of his shop on Nomie Island. When the weather gets colder and rainy, he can be found walking about the island or looking for frogs at the river.

Fun Facts
Bullet; Green He has a pet chameleon named Lucille and as of right now, she's his best friend
Bullet; Green He's terrified of the ocean because of all huge and potentially deadly creatures that live in it
Bullet; Green He has a bad habit of forgetting to sleep and eat while he's working on something
Bullet; Green His goggles don't serve any function whatsoever. He claims they make him "focus better" but he really just wears them because he thinks they look cool
Bullet; Green He's blind as a bat without his glasses
Bullet; Green He's weirdly self conscious about his mole
HMRRI New Years Ball
A quick doodle of Olive looking dapper af in their new years eve getup
Sexy Pork Cutlet Bowl
I am disappointed in the lack of YOI fanart I've made considering how much I love this show. Since season one's over maybe I'll make more to fill the void. 
HMRRI Secret Santa
Secret santa drawing for :iconthedapperist:. I hope you're not weirded out by recieving a sexy pinup from someone you haven't really talk to much, but Lucius is a sexy boy it just seemed so fitting. I don't know if this needs a mature content fliter but I put it on just in case
I hope you like it! Happy belated holidays!

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